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Found this online. Great for those who are drafting hoods.

Hoods are one of those finicky things to draft if you never drafted hoods before.

Example Cosplay: Attack on titan capes

I find this more revolutionary than I probably should, given the number of hoods I’ve sewn over the years. But it’s like world is a whole lot clearer now!

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Kyou / Tomoyo / Photo

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Btw: I’m currently in hiatus on this blog, and will continue to be for at least another month

Sorry for the inactivity orz

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Why am I always the happiest with my poses and face in shitty cell phone pics and not the nice high quality ones

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The cutest Videl!

That was me!
Thank you so much!

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I was Videl on Sunday @ AD this year! I pretty much just threw this together in the hotel room during the con, but it still got really good reception and I received a lot of compliments ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Please let me know if you see yourself here so I can credit you!

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Had a great time at Anime Detour with my friend pumpkapoo! Here’s some random pictures we took: some of them are blurry, but all of these guys are awesome!

I was the Tomoyo Sakagami cosplayer, and magical-girl-sehun is Kyou Fujubayashi!

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Silver Queen again last night ♡

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Detour update: my serger decided to break down on me last night, so I’m gonna have to completely change my plans D:

Friday: Asuka in Kigu
Saturday: Tomoyo Sakagami/Takane Shijou in Beyond the Stars
Sunday: Videl Satan

I don’t have any plans anymore, so please come chill with me ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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My follower count has doubled I he past week and I haven’t even posted anything whhh

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