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Hey! There’s a lot of disjointed info out there about making puffy sleeves, and I thought it might be helpful to gather (ha) everything I’ve learned/found online in one place. Puff sleeves, more accurately known as “leg o’ mutton sleeves,” were popular between 1890 and 1906, and they’re a pretty common feature in fancy/ball gown costumes. 

Under the readmore: how to draft & sew puff sleeves and tips and tricks for maximum puff! Featuring really shitty pencil-on-Post-It diagrams by me!

Many thanks to all the people whose brains I’ve picked about this, as well as all the Internet resources I’ve trawled to make this possible.

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Love my new lookhuman shirts! Can’t wait to work out in these!

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Working on the mockup >__>

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My favorite Sailor Scout! #fallcon #comicbookconvention #cosplay #sailormars

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As a follow up to our Making Worbla Smooth Experiment, here is the detailed write-up regarding the methods used in that experiment.

Making Worbla Smooth

There are many methods for making Worbla smooth so I decided to do a test run myself based on the primary methods others have used. The three main ways of covering Worbla have been using Gesso, Plasti-Dip, or Wood Glue. This experiment only covers Gesso with Mod Podge acrylic sealer or Gesso with Plasti-dip. I didn’t have Wood Glue available during the time of conducting the test so there will be another part to this series that will include a comparison using Wood Glue.


I used 8 layers of Golden Sandable Hard Gesso and 150 Grit Sandpaper. I prefer this Gesso over any clear Gesso as you can actually see the streaks so that when you sand it, you can see the Worbla getting smoother (pictures 3 & 4).  In addition, the sandable Gesso has additives that makes it thicker so that you don’t have to do as many layers or as much sanding to make it look good. Yay for that!

You’ll notice I didn’t do a good enough job of sanding so you can still see some streaks in the forth image. If I were to do this again, I would do 6 layers, sand with 150 grit, and then add another 4 layers, then sand again with 150 grit to get a smoother finish (instead of just 8 layers straight). I tried sanding only 4 layers in and unfortunately, I exposed the Worbla, so 6 layers of Gesso is the very minimum in guarding against Worbla exposure. Also, it’s very important that each layer of Gesso dries completely before you put on the next. Otherwise, if you start sanding, the Gesso will chip and take, along with it, all the layers underneath. In picture 4, you will notice this happened on the edges of the Gesso which is why the Worbla is exposed there.


Picture one (left) shows the top piece which is Worbla painted without any additional work. The bottom piece is 8 layers of Gesso, sandpaper, one layer of Mod Podge acrylic sealant, and then one layer of Gold Metallic Paint.

Picture two (right) shows the top piece which is Worbla painted without any additional work. The bottom piece shows Worbla with 8 layers of Gesso, sandpaper, 2 layers of Plasti-Dip, and one layer of Gold Metallic Paint (Rustoleum brand).

Conclusion: I was surprised that the piece with the Mod Podge sealant looks smoother than the one with the Plasti-dip! I think the Plasti-dip made the items look more foam-like than I anticipated. It seems as though the Plasti-dip reacts oddly to Worbla.

Stay tuned when I try this experiment with Wood Glue.

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Had a ton of fun messing around Fallcon today! Wore my new Sailor Mars cosplay, and even though I’m very unhappy with the final product, received lots of good feedback!

As a side note, I now have over 50 followers on this blog, which is wonderful! Thank you all!❤️💋
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The ‘Open Book Cosplayer’ Project

There is a stigma in the cosplay community that most cosplayers would prefer to hide the tactics used in order to make a particular cosplay. This project is dedicated to raising awareness for those cosplayers who are open to being asked questions and more than willing to help those in need. In short, you are an ‘Open Book’ full of information for all who seek it. 

The badges above represent some of the most general topics of cosplay craftsmanship, including wig work, tailoring or sewing, prop making, armor making, makeup, electrical work or mascot costumes. This does not mean that you claim to be a master of this or that type. It is simply to say you feel confident enough to answer questions on these subjects and in the event you don’t know, you’re good at re-directing them to someone who might know better.

Other badges that represent non-specific craftsmanship items have also been included. ‘All Things’ - representing ability to tackle any question; ‘Awareness’ - representing knowledge or advice about social issues in cosplay, such as CONsent; and ‘Morale’ - willingness and advice to boost morale for other cosplayers.

By posting one of these badges, you are openly saying that you are more than welcome to take questions from cosplayers on your craftsmanship tactics and workings. Of course this in turn means that asking cosplayers should also know to credit and thank those that helped them out. 

Click here if you’d like to download these badges for your own use.  Feel free to put them on your page, resize them, put them on backgrounds, ect. Post them however you please.

If you do use these badges, please link back to this post so people can learn more about what an ‘Open Book Cosplayer’ is. 

Also utilize the tag Open Book Cosplayer so people can find cosplayers to ask!

Finally got around to adding this on my blog! I’m certainly not the best cosplayer out there but I love to share everything I know. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

I’ve blogged about this before but I forgot to add the pic to my blog whoops. It’s on there now. I will try to help with ALL THE THINGS!

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hm. ʘ‿ʘ

tips against envy for other artists?

  • you are your own artist
  • nobody can do the shit that you do
  • you have no competition. art isn’t a competition
  • don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  • don’t strive to be better than anyone else.
  • strive to be better than YOU are now 

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I’m super sick so my face is blocked out but my new Takane wig arrived!!!

I’m so excited about this: it was on sale + had free 1 week shipping from china to the Midwestern US. It’s very smooth and pretty and just perfect all around. I thought it was the same wig I used for her before ( it’s from http://ayanamisatoru.com )but this one is more wavy than curly, and has slightly different layers. I’m still going to have to cut in the bangs and adjust some layers and curls, but overall I’m incredibly pleased with it. This is such an amazing wig and I can’t say enough nice things about ayanamisatoru!

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