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hm. ʘ‿ʘ

tips against envy for other artists?

  • you are your own artist
  • nobody can do the shit that you do
  • you have no competition. art isn’t a competition
  • don’t compare yourself to anyone else.
  • don’t strive to be better than anyone else.
  • strive to be better than YOU are now 

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I’m super sick so my face is blocked out but my new Takane wig arrived!!!

I’m so excited about this: it was on sale + had free 1 week shipping from china to the Midwestern US. It’s very smooth and pretty and just perfect all around. I thought it was the same wig I used for her before ( it’s from http://ayanamisatoru.com )but this one is more wavy than curly, and has slightly different layers. I’m still going to have to cut in the bangs and adjust some layers and curls, but overall I’m incredibly pleased with it. This is such an amazing wig and I can’t say enough nice things about ayanamisatoru!

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What sort of stitching do you usually use to finish inside seams? Mine always end up ugly and frayed.



You have a number of options depending on what’s available to you, how much work you feel like doing, and what the costume calls for!

We use whatever is most useful for the project… usually clean lining these days, but serging is the easiest to fall back on for unlined projects :) 

This post is a treasure for the cosplaying masses.

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the light fabric looks kind of warm in color than it does in the ref pic but mayb thats the lighting?? the purple stuff looks spot on tho

The white is a clean, cool white. The lighting is just really dark and has a warm tint to it >__>

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Fabric choices: y/n?

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1. Have yet to do my hair/makeup so gonna hide my face here

2. Still need gloves, sleeves, accessories, brooch, and tights

3. The skirt looks kinda off to me and I can’t pinpoint why. It’s currently just pinned and on needs to be ironed, so hopefully that’s why, but idk

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Found this online. Great for those who are drafting hoods.

Hoods are one of those finicky things to draft if you never drafted hoods before.

Example Cosplay: Attack on titan capes

I find this more revolutionary than I probably should, given the number of hoods I’ve sewn over the years. But it’s like world is a whole lot clearer now!

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Kyou / Tomoyo / Photo

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Btw: I’m currently in hiatus on this blog, and will continue to be for at least another month

Sorry for the inactivity orz

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Why am I always the happiest with my poses and face in shitty cell phone pics and not the nice high quality ones

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